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Posted Date: 2020-04-29 01:49:23

In a bid to make the industrial games project much more accessible to everyone,a course has been made out of it. The key focus areas captured in the course posted on Udemy's online Learning Management Systems(LMS) platform are:

1. The crude oil production platform.

2. The petroleum refinery plant.

3. The petroleum products loading depot.

The course captures all the operations within each of these facilities right from how the raw material or refined product enters the facility until it gets out. Instructional videos and actual application are provided to enable users to have a hands on experience of how these facilities work. The goal of the operator while utilizing the application would be to ensure that as much product as possible is either exported,refined or sold during the regular play time. Multiple challenges would attempt to prevent speedy commencement of product flow which directly affects total score generated. To access the course online at, this link can be utilized,

Multiple discounts are often offered to make the application much more available to those who can afford to pay the full price for the course.