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Posted Date: 2017-11-02 03:52:37


  • Visit industrial games website and register with your details, if your school has been accepted to participate in the project.

  • Visit your designated school registration department, e.g, computer lab as a team of five(5) students to carry out the following:


  1. Pay your administrative fee (eg. =N=500.00 each).

  2. Obtain a designated team name based on your faculty, department and your year of study.

  3. Agree on a team leader.

  4. Obtain training/practise date from the project administrators.


  • Re-visit industrial games website where the team leader would use the assigned team name to create the team on the site linking up all the other team members who are registered.

  • Visit your computer lab to practise based on your allotted practise time.

  • If you need the application for private or personal practise, then meet the computer lab administrator for  more instructions on how to obtain the application as highlighted below:


  1. Log into industrial games site.

  2. Make payment online.

  3. Visit your computer lab with your payment details and your laptop.

  4. Your user codes 1 and 2 would be generated for you based on your application of interest.

  5. Your activation codes 1 and 2 would be sent to you under 48hrs.

  6. Activate the application and start practising to enhance your skills.